Understanding CORE.ai

The Engine Behind Optimal Dynamics

Without AI, Optimizing Decisions is a Time-Intensive Task

People aren't equipped to process large amounts of data and make decisions without cognitive fatigue and mistakes. Our solution solves these challenges using the advanced technology of CORE.ai.

CORE.ai uses a powerful algorithmic strategy called artificial decision intelligence. By handling uncertainty and probability of complex variables, it can see farther into the future—a matter of weeks, not days like traditional optimization solutions—and adjust to new information as it presents itself.

Learn More From Your Data

Our AI learns not just the decisions we’ve trained it to make but also the critical component of WHY—why those are the best decisions given the different factors that come into play.

A Unified Modeling System

We simulate real-time operations into the future and embed them into the tactical planning level, which is then embedded into the strategic planning level. When new information arises in real-time, AI immediately adapts the tactical and strategic plans, erasing the gap between planning and execution.

Our technology tackles the challenge of sequential decisions using:
Historical data – Load data from the past 3 months
Available options – Active drivers during the 3-month period
Rules to follow – Driver parameters like being local/regional or home time
For an AI decision-making solution to be useful, it must unify three levels of planning:
Strategic planning – Months into the future
Tactical planning – 1-14 days into the future
Real-time operations – Happening now

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Sequential Decision Analysis for the Truckload Industry

Technology In Action

Increase in Loaded Miles Per Truck*
Increase in Fleet Loads*
Further Visibility Into the Future
Increase in Revenue Per Truck*
*based on POV studies

One Platform to Streamline Planning & Execution

Dynamic load planning. Detailed strategic analysis. Dramatically increased planning horizon. Break down the barriers between planning and execution to drive automated decisions optimized for your business-defined priorities.

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By Optimal Dynamics

From your unknown variables and complex business needs, get answers on how to optimize your freight network while simulating the impact of changes to your operations and performance in a high-fidelity, digital twin sandbox environment.

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By Optimal Dynamics

Get dynamic automation for the best load and dispatch decisions for your business in real-time, eliminating decisions by gut feel, reducing mistakes, and adapting when new unknowns are thrown your way.

Volker Bargenda, President of Standard Logistics
“The uncovered Colorado lane has quickly become a profitable route for Standard Logistics, currently bringing in 15% higher revenue per mile than their target.”


Discover a Better Way to Plan and Execute

Connect with us to see the power of AI in action on your network.

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