The decision layer of logistics.
Optimal Dynamics was founded to bring advanced AI to the logistics industry, in order to help companies automate and optimize operations.
Did you know only 1% of AI initiatives in logistics make it into full production?
This isn’t okay with us. The mission of Optimal Dynamics is to be the decision layer of logistics in order to help companies automate and optimize their operations. We are not just another Silicon Valley startup. We have logistics in our blood and we actually wrote the textbook on applying advanced AI in logistics. Optimal Dynamics is the byproduct of 40 years of world-leading research and development. Our underlying technology has managed billions of dollars of assets for some of the largest companies in the world. There are hundreds of billions of dollars of waste throughout global logistics that could be partially or completely avoided with the technology that Optimal Dynamics has brought to market.
Core values
  • Autonomy is in our DNA
    Our software makes highly complex decisions on its own, and so do our employees. We thrive when the smartest in the world are allowed to work at their full potential.
  • Precision at every turn
    We work on the problems that others can’t, and they can’t be solved by waving your hands. Doing things correctly, without any shortcuts, is what our customers expect in Optimal Dynamics.
  • Education is our fuel
    Optimal Dynamics was born after decades within Princeton University. To constantly stay at the leading edge of innovation, we must continually challenge ourselves to keep learning.
Meet The Team
  • Daniel Powell
    Co-Founder + CEO
  • Warren Powell
    Co-Founder + AI Visionary
  • Juliana Nascimento
    Head of AI Development
  • Eduardo Silva
    VP of Engineering
  • Chris Torrence
    VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships
  • Joe Durante
    VP of AI Development
  • Christina Carter
    Engineering Team Lead
  • Jason McKim
    Engineering Team Lead
  • Josiah Pohl
    AI Engineer
  • Jenny Kuo
    Senior Product Manager
  • Barbara Muesing
    Software Engineer
  • Lora Chen
    Software Engineer
  • Bryan Moreno
    VP of Design
  • Joe Wagner
    Engineering Team Lead
Join Our Team
At Optimal Dynamics, you get to directly work some of the hardest problems in the world, with the smartest in the world. Not only do you get to make a real difference, but our educational spirit means what you learn here will change how you approach problems for the rest of your life.
Ready to join the future?
Moving forward with will be the last difficult decision you’ll have to make. Call us now and let the most powerful solution developed for the logistics industry make decisions for you.