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By Optimal Dynamics

From your unknown variables and complex business needs, get answers on how to optimize your freight network while simulating the impact of changes to your operations and performance in a high-fidelity, digital twin sandbox environment.

Advanced Decision Modules for Strategic Planning

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Network View

A digital twin of your network, Network View allows you to test out the effect of changes to your business in a predictable environment. In addition to exploring different key metrics, you can also edit your volumes with key shippers, adjust lane volumes, add drivers at new locations, and evaluate customer bids.

Run simulations to build plans for:
Mergers & acquisition
Dedicated solution design
Customer analysis
Service level impact
Bid responses
Operational tuning
Analyze and plan fleet decisions:
Driver retention strategies
Driver home locations
Fleet sizing
Driver mix
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Bid Manager

A practical solution for one of the most important aspects of your business, Bid Manager allows you to import your customer bid files and evaluate their effect on your network. Within this module you can quickly rate lanes based on historical or market rates (or upload your own rates), add bid loads to a report to see which lanes will most benefit your business, test out different rates, and iterate based on feedback from your customers. You can even evaluate bids to multiple customers simultaneously to see interactions between networks

Evaluate the impact of each bid on your network.
Quickly rate and compare lanes
Evaluate bids for multiple customers

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By Optimal Dynamics

3x further visibility into the future

Increase in Loaded Miles Per Truck*
Increase in Fleet Loads*
Increase in Revenue Per Truck*
Increase in profit improvement per truck per year*
*based on POV studies

Benefits for Executives and Analysts

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Evaluate Combinations of Customer Bids


Without AI assistance, the challenge is knowing which variables to adjust to create the best case scenario. Plan lets you experiment with multiple bids simultaneously to hit the numbers you’re looking for.

Predict the Effects of Network Changes


Before making a single change, a digital twin lets you simulate KPIs when adjustments are made to:

Number of loads with a given shipper
Volumes on lanes
New driver hires in a specific area
Available driver types, and more.

Answer Big Picture Questions


Develop a clear plan for the most pressing future business decisions.

Mergers & acquisition
Dedicated solution design
Customer analysis

One Platform to Streamline Planning & Execution

Dynamic load planning. Detailed strategic analysis. Dramatically increased planning horizon. Break down the barriers between planning and execution to drive automated decisions optimized for your business-defined priorities.

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By Optimal Dynamics

Get dynamic automation for the best load and dispatch decisions for your business in real-time, eliminating decisions by gut feel, reducing mistakes, and adapting when new unknowns are thrown your way.

Technology by CORE.ai

Advanced AI allows you to plan 3 times further into the future compared to other forecasting technologies.

Transform Your Planning & Operations

Connect with us to see how AI powers a more resilient decision-making process.

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