A web app dashboard featuring supply sourcing


By Optimal Dynamics

Automate freight sourcing, load acceptance and dispatch decisions that maximize your business potential. Eliminate decisions by gut feel, reduce mistakes, and adapt when new unknowns are thrown your way.

Freight Sourcing, Load Acceptance and Dispatch Decisions Ready to Execute

A app dashboard with a focus on supply sourcing
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Aggregates and optimizes the spot freight sources you work with across external load boards, email, and private customer boards. This patent-pending workflow helps teams easily, confidently, and proactively source optimized spot freight that meets short-term needs and long-term objectives including driver satisfaction, utilization, and profitability.

Spot freight aggregated and optimized to fit your network
Spend less time searching across sources for spot freight
Select optimal driver load tours that combine spot and dedicated freight
Maximize driver utilization and profitability
Integrate with Load Acceptance and Dispatching for a streamlined workflow
An app dashboard displaying supply loads that haven't been received or accepted yet

Load Acceptance

Simulates your network to provide a load score for each available load that allows you to identify the most valuable loads to put on your fleet. Accept these loads accordingly and send less valuable loads to your brokerage.

Load planning decisions for asset and brokerage made for you.
Forward looking
Load value scoring
Asset vs brokerage assignment
Network "fit" assessment
tactical procurement dashboard

Tactical Procurement

Gain the ability to optimize your load acceptance plan and asset utilization though visualization of loads that are ready to be accepted plus the forecasted loads that are likely to come.

Know what loads you need to book up to 2 weeks ahead of time.
Book forecasted loads
Maintain a balanced network
Asset utilization load plan
Region-level load acceptance
An app dashboard displaying filtered selections of vehicles that can be dispatch for load pickup.


Choose the best drivers for a load, or the best loads for a driver, using the downstream feasibility and profitability values estimated by the platform. Simply review and assign, and done.

Automate the decisions of assigning drivers to loads.
Ranked order dispatch options
HOS and driver preferences considered
Multiple load dispatch options for drivers
Predicted ETA
commitment manager dashboard


Capture and maintain existing customer commitments and ensure you are taking the appropriate number of committed loads, and fairly evaluating the network impact of any additional loads, to make the most optimal network decisions.

Automate & Optimize

Save time on operational execution, increase productivity, and reduce the cognitive load.

Ensure consistency across all decisions.


Stay on top of commitments and weekly goals for revenue, profit, etc.


Increase agility with faster responses to real-time information.


Achieve better alignment between operations and planning.


Decision Analysis for Load Planning & Dispatch

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Decision Analysis for Load Planning & Dispatch


Uncover the most valuable loads to accept to increase operational performance and maintain a balanced network, while AI automates the process of assigning loads to drivers.

Automate Optimized Answers


Dispatchers can have confidence in the decisions they execute, backed by in-depth analysis and automation.

Satisfy Driver Parameters


Manage drivers' custom parameters like region and home time to improve driver retention, while ensuring optimization across the whole fleet.

One Platform to Streamline Planning & Execution

Dynamic load planning. Detailed strategic analysis. Dramatically increased planning horizon. Break down the barriers between planning and execution to drive automated decisions optimized for your business-defined priorities.

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By Optimal Dynamics

From your unknown variables and complex business needs, get answers on how to optimize your freight network while simulating the impact of changes to your operations and performance in a high-fidelity, digital twin sandbox environment.

Technology by CORE.ai

Advanced AI allows you to plan 3 times further into the future compared to other forecasting technologies.

Transform Your Planning & Operations

Connect with us to see how AI powers a more resilient decision-making process.

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