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Whether it’s bid season or a one-off mini bid, Bid by Optimal Dynamics™ recommends the best lanes and optimal volumes for truckload carriers to bid on during the RFP process. Bid by Optimal Dynamics™ simulates the impact of each lane on your existing network and instantaneously identifies the lanes that are uniquely valuable to your organization.

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Identify the Best Lanes for Your Business

Bid by Optimal Dynamics™ is an advanced AI-powered SaaS solution that allows truckload carriers to identify new business opportunities during the RFP process that are uniquely valuable to the organization. Unlike traditional bidding solutions, Bid by Optimal Dynamics™ uses artificial decision intelligence to simulate a carrier's network after the impact of the bid, thereby highlighting the best possible lanes to bid on, and the volumes that best fit their current operations. With customizable lane scoring, and deep insights around each recommendation, carriers are armed with the knowledge needed to confidently go after the bids you care most about. No integration required.

Respond to Bids that Fit Your Network

The first step in transforming your business is to build consistency into your bidding. Whether your company is new to committed freight contracts, or has an established team of pricing analysts, Bid by Optimal Dynamics™ provides an intelligent, repeatable solution for identifying the new business opportunities that best fit your network.

For Large Enterprises:
Automate and build consistency across your pricing procedures
Ensure each bid meets your specific business requirements
Align your teams around priorities and implement a consistent analytical approach
Eliminate siloed institutional knowledge
For Small to Medium Enterprises:
Transform your freight into committed contracts; make committed contracts a part of your strategy
Build a structured and repeatable bidding process
Gain tools, confidence and clarity to compete at an enterprise-level with larger competitors
Identify the lanes you care most about, and bid accordingly

Streamline Your RFP Response

A fully digitized bid response platform that allows you to:
Overlay bids on a “digital twin” of your current network
Simulate the impact on profitability, coverage and service
Get personalized bid response at scale; bid confidently with your drivers/trucks/lanes/ customer commitments in mind
Uncover the best lanes at the optimal volume to bid on for your network
Eliminate manual line-by-line analysis and create consistency for your bidding process

Each Bid Analyzed Against Your Network

Questions you ask, and Bid by Optimal Dynamics™ confidently answers.

Strategic Questions:
How do new bids impact my existing network?
Do these new lanes and volume fit in seamlessly?
What about my current commitments and customer freight?
How will new bid awards impact my top-level KPIs?
Operational Questions:
Which lanes should I bid on?
Can our drivers handle this lane and volume?
How do my proposed rates compare to market rates?
How do I know what lane volume to bid?
Does this lane work with our existing freight?
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Deep Insights to Bid with Confidence

Bid by Optimal Dynamics™ provides your team with insights to make RFP decisions confidently.

Top-level KPI Visibility
Lane Scoring
You tell us what “acceptable” means and we use that criteria to produce results
We show you metrics explaining our volume output for every single lane
View Inflow/Outflow Lanes
See how your drivers will get to pick up (INFLOW) and where they’ll go after delivery (OUTFLOW)
Download your final Bid Analysis and submit to the customer

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By Optimal Dynamics

Let Bid by Optimal Dynamics™ do the work for you

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