Dynamic planning and automation powered by High-Dimensional AI
The problem
Logistics is dynamic and uncertain, now more than ever. Optimal Dynamics enables shippers and carriers to drive automation while planning further into the future, managing uncertainty, and operating more efficiently.
The solution
Full truckload planning, reimagined.
Dynamic load planning. Detailed strategic analysis. Dramatically increased planning horizon. changes the way full truckload networks are planned and managed. Built for enterprise-scale and deployed via SaaS, it has never been easier to leverage the most advanced AI ever developed for the logistics industry.


further into the future

  • 90%
    increase in automation
  • 18%
    increase in asset utilization
Dynamic Load Planning and dispatching changes how you think about managing your truckload network. Whether you are a shipper making sure you are moving the right loads with your dedicated fleet, or a carrier making sure the right drivers are taking the right load, plans for uncertainty, and constantly creates dynamic plans that have the highest probability of being profitable and on time, even if the unexpected happens.
Strategic Analysis
Respond quickly to rapidly changing market conditions and understand exactly what they mean for your company. allows you to quickly ask detailed questions about your network, and all in a couple of clicks. The strategic capabilities behind have saved companies tens of millions of dollars annually.
Future Visibility™
A direct byproduct of High-Dimensional AI, Future Visibililty™ is one of the most significant paradigm shifts to the logistics industry. Whether that is securing 3rd party capacity long before you ever knew you needed it, or confidently accepting loads from shippers more than a week into the future, is always two steps ahead.
Artificial Intelligence specifically built for logistics
High-Dimensional AI is the byproduct of decades of R&D and is the breakthrough behind Built specifically from the ground up for the complex nature of the logistics industry, it is what allows us to handle uncertainty, and learn and handle every last detail that makes your operation unique. Where traditional AI approaches have failed in logistics, uses powerful adaptive learning algorithms that adapt quickly to changing conditions. Your company will be able to plan further into the future, proactively react to events, and drive true automation.
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