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Welcome to the future.


Five minutes of training, 15 percent profit improvements. Let over 30 years of research and the most advanced artificial intelligence ever developed for the trucking industry do the hard work for you.

SMART-TL automates the process of searching for loads, and ensures every load your carrier moves is the best load for your company. The days of load boards and answering cold calls are in the past.


SMART-TL user interface

SMART-TL user interface


Increase Profit

SMART-TL ensures every load you moves is good for your company, and has been shown to increase profits by over 16%.

First Access to Loads

Your SMART-TL system constantly scans every available load from a SMART-TL enabled broker. Within minutes, if there is a load that is a good match for your company, you will be the first ones offered that load, keeping you ahead of your competition.

Reduced Costs

SMART-TL constantly works to reduce empty miles and improve productivity, allowing you to reduce your costs by over 5%.

Accurate Load Recommendation

SMART-TL uses advanced AI to ensure every load you're taking is the best load for your carrier. With a 99% load recommendation reliability, a load recommended by SMART-TL is a load you can take to the bank.