OD Labs


OD Labs is Optimal Dynamics' innovation arm. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes using a revolutionary framework which allows us to rapidly develop new tools in order to further our goal of streamlining the entire transportation industry.


High-Dimensional AI

Optimal Dynamics is on the forefront of the next generation of artificial intelligence. High-Dimensional AI allows us to handle problems in minutes that would take normal AI software weeks or years to solve.


Machine Learning

Every Optimal Dynamics system heavily leverages machine learning in order to constantly improve itself. 



30 years of research and development has resulted in the most advanced framework ever developed. When you are solving the most complicated problems in the world, it helps not having to reinvent the wheel.


Optimal Learning

Large amounts of data is a luxury that not every problem has. Optimal learning allows us to take advantage of problems with a small amount of data.

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