Uncertainty arises throughout planning and operations, adding cost and introducing risk in all aspects of business. To meet this need, Optimal Dynamics brings a new class of decision technologies for making robust decisions in the presence of different types of uncertainty.  

Many approach uncertainty by trying to eliminate it, or pretending it does not exist.  We accept that uncertainty is a part of life.  We are replacing traditional "optimization," which produces perfect decisions given perfect data, with robust policies which understand that it is important to do well over timeunder uncertainty.

In addition to handling uncertainty, our planning models use powerful feedback learning algorithms that allow them to adapt to actual patterns of behavior.  This provides a more precise level of control, and allows them to learn and improve over time.  Our interactive modeling technology, which keeps the human in the loop in both strategic and operational planning, ensures that our solutions can be implemented in the real world.

30 years of research has produced the SMART optimization library, which forms the foundation for the SMART family of models.  This library has been used to perform strategic and operational planning for major trucking companies and railroads.  It has optimized high value spare parts for an aircraft manufacturer, and planned the integration of wind and solar for a large grid operator.  Our tools have even been used to guide the experiments of materials scientists.  No problem is too large or too small.

We understand complexity.  We understand uncertainty.  We appreciate simplicity.